About Us

We are a self-funded, registered not-for-profit animal refuge that has been helping animals for over 20 years. We are a vegan family based in a rental property near Melbourne.


Animals suffer terribly at the hands of some people and it takes them a long time to build up any trust again, if ever. We work tirelessly to provide a safe and trusting home for these animals.


Many animals simply do not have any choice about their lives. This is where we come in. We give these animals a free and happy life, taking away the misery of pain and cruelty they've often suffered.


Animals need regularly feeding and this works out very costly and is one of our constant struggles with being self-funded. Please consider donating to ensure the animals always have plenty of food


Security is extremely important in all we do, but especially in our wanting a secure future for the animals, but also in regards to our website and ensuring you are safe when you make a donation.


Quality is something many animals never have in their lives. This is something we provide to all of the animals we care for. Ensuring they all have a safe and happy home for the rest of their days.


Such a sweet and lovable boy.

Cupcake was lucky to survive his birth and the cruelty inflicted on him which left him damaged. He was rescued and nursed back to health, but remains disabled, although he is very happy.


Chloe young and adorable.

This is Chloe. She was liberated with Coco from a piggery nearly 7 years ago. They were very young and extremely sick. Their back-ends were full of puss and very infected.


Chloe all grown up.

The cost of Chloe's care is ongoing and the cost soon mounts up. West and Angel do all they can, but need people to help. If enough people gave just a little, it would go a long way.

Group Hug

A whole hugs worth.

Meet the cats. All looking very relaxed and content. This has not always been the case though. Cats are regularly rescued and need a life of care to rehabilitate them and build their trust.

Who's cool

Yes, me, I'm adorable

Absolutely adorable and in a loving and caring environment where no human will do any harm. But... For such things to remain stable... People need to do their bit and help where possible.

A Carrot You Say?

Yes I do like carrots.

This seems like a lovely picture and of course it is. But these carrots vanish quickly with hungry mouths to feed. Donation mean we keep carrots flowing and little mouths full and happy.

I Can't Reach That Bit

Please clean my nose...

A mucky nose means a tasty feed has been devoured. But it's not only food, the animals need regularly cleaning and taking care of, which takes time. We love having volunteers help out.


Lily has an eye infection

Like all of the cats at Our Animal Rescue Place, Lily is a rescued cat. Cats can go through a lot of trauma and can be mentally scarred for life and take a lot of time and love to recover.

  • Nope. This is not your average sausage sizzle. Vegan *is* better. One of the many fantastic events held to try and help by OARP to raise funds.

    Sausage Sizzle
  • The foundation of our Community Garden and Foodbank covered in ice. Dawn under the warming morning suns glow........

    Life at OARP
  • Work never stops at Our Animal Rescue Place. There are always many jobs needing doing, to maintain the site, build new homes for animals, etc.

    Making Room
  • Progress slowly but surely being made on one of the new structures. All of this work is done by volunteers. A great and rewarding day for sure.

    Great Work
  • A fantastic week. Soooo much was done with the generous help of some new volunteers Ty and James. And something new for the cows to watch happening.

    Rewarding Help

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